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Manufactured in South Korea, the Pognae Baby Carrier has become one of the most popular soft structured baby carriers in the world.  Introduce yourself and see why so many have fallen in love with this baby carrier.

High Quality, Great Features 
The Pognae Baby Carrier is crafted with the same high-quality materials and care you expect from other top-tier baby carrier brands. With its ergonomic design, breathable air mesh shoulder straps, patented mesh cooling vent and shock-resistant support belt, the Pognae Baby Carrier is the most comfortable baby carrier you and your baby will ever wear.  

Mesh Cooling Vent
Pognae's patented mesh cooling vent helps you and your baby stay dry and comfortable on warm days. Unzipping the outerlayer lets fresh air flow in through the mesh lining. Conveniently stow the outer layer fabric underneath the vent with the velcro attachments. With a Pognae Baby Carrier, uncomfortable babies are a distant memory. This is perfect for Malaysia's hot and humid climate.

Sleeping Hood
Want to keep your child out of the sun?  Or maybe your child just wants to get a little shut eye.  The adjustable sleeping hood easily clips to the shoulder straps and can be neatly tucked away in a zippered pocket in the front of the Pognae Carrier. 

Adjustable Chest Strap 
Putting your baby in a wrap or carrier can be difficult to do by yourself. The Pognae Baby Carrier's easily adjustable chest strap makes strapping your baby in a piece of cake. The chest strap can be shortened lengthwise and can be adjusted up or down to ensure you're wearing your carrier in the most comfortable position.The ends of the straps are designed to be easily tucked in, so you'll never have to worry about loose straps flapping around.

Key Features of Pognae  
Ergonomic Design , Light, compact and easy to carry, 100% pure cotton fabric, Moldable shoulder straps with mesh lining, Shock-resistant waist belt, Patented mesh cooling vent, Adjustable chest strap, Reinforced cross-sticking at major support areas, Machine Washable:  Cold, mild detergent, do not use bleach. Hang dry.


Recommended Age: Newborn* to 36 months, Maximum Weight: 45 lbs, Belt Size: Adjustable up to 40", Recommended for heights of 5' to 6'5", Materials: Shell/Outer Lining - 100% Pure Cotton ;Inner Lining - 100% Pure Cotton ; Mesh - 100% Polyester

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Pognae - Dark Venice :: rm 299


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