Tula x Jujube Collaboration Collection

Presenting TULA NEW Collection ...
- Black Lightning
- Shoreline
- Picnic
- Coast Picnic
- Twilight Tulip

                                    black lightning

                                       twilight tulip



                                       coast picnic

TULA New Print >>> BOLT

BOLT ... Tula latest new print in Malaysia.
Bolt comes in free-to-grow, standard and toddler.

#TulaTeaches : Panel Height

#tulateaches tip: Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier has two height adjustments: short and tall. Use the webbing straps at the top of the carrier panel to adjust it to a height that best allows baby to have a clear airway and makes them visible for check-ins. Picture shown: Blossom - Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier.
This video shows you how to adjust the Free-to-Grow panel from "Tall" to "Short": https://youtu.be/HKutP_NVWEg
For Enquiries, please whatsapp :: REEN +60166980488

Babywearing in the Heat - Tula Free-to-Grow Coast

Coast Overcast - Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier ...
A neutral gray canvas and breathable mesh, combined with Tula fully adjustable baby carrier that doesn't require an infant insert to hold your newborn, is a great way stay cool and comfortable as you head outside!
For Enquiries, please whatsapp :: REEN +60166980488

#TulaTeaches : Back Carry

#tulateaches tip: The back carry is a comfy way to hold an older infant and give them an opportunity to look out into the world. Baby is ready for the back carry position when they have consistent head, neck, and torso control; and are able to sit unaided. In the Free-to-Grow Carrier, the back carry can be used in either panel height and in the middle or wide seat setting. In the Standard Carrier, your child should fit into the carrier without the use of the infant insert for the back carry position.
— Product shown: Soar - Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier.
For Enquiries, please whatsapp :: REEN +60166980488 

#TulaTeaches : Chest Clip

#tulateaches tip: When putting on your Tula Baby Carrier, we suggest snapping the chest clip before tightening your shoulder straps. Keeping the strap webbing loose while snapping the chest clip helps to make it easier to reach it. After snapping the chest clip buckle, you can tighten each shoulder strap by pulling the webbing in a horizontal direction. This will lower the chest clip to a more comfortable “H” like position on your back.

- Product shown : Discover -Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier .

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2018 / SushiBee still TULA Authorized Retailer in Malaysia

No Worries !
SushiBee is Tula Authorized Retailer in Malaysia since 2012 and to-date we are still selling this brand in our online store of which stocks are now from Tula Asia Sole Distributor and they are genuine baby carriers with warranty. At the moment, these are the available prints that the Sole Distributor have for Tula FTG and Tula Standard:

Tula Free-To-Grow 
- Hide & Seek
- Indigo
- Discover
- Blossom
- Doodle

Tula Standard
- Navigator
- Urbanista
- Archer

> Installment Plan Available <
For Enquiries, please whatsapp REEN +60166980488

                                                                Standard Archer 

                               Standard Navigator

Standard Urbanista

Free-To-Grow Hide & Seek

Free-To-Grow Blossom

Free-To-Grow Indigo

Free-To-Grow Discover

Free-To-Grow Doodle